Teacher fakes illness

Teacher fakes illness, A Florida teacher has admitted lying to her bosses and telling them she and her father were dying of a terminal illness just so she could avoid going to school.

Ashley Barker, a first grade teacher at Laurel Elementary School in Polk County, kept up her bizarre story for an entire year before she was finally found out.

For nearly a year, school officials took Barker at her word and allowed her to leave early and take numerous days off.

The district won't confirm how many days Barker skipped class.

However according to her termination letter, seen by WFTV, she sent the school principal 120 letters regarding the illness that she and her father were supposedly suffering from.

When school officials finally confronted Barker, she admitted she hadn’t been at the hospital or the doctor's office, but had been at home with nothing wrong with her.

Now that the school is seeking to terminate her employment, Barker has hired a lawyer and is fighting them. Her case is due to go to a formal hearing before a judge.


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