White House 'racism'

White House "racism" is rife, according to one Afghan woman doctor, who has written about her experience at the White House Correspondent's Dinner last month in a piece to the Huff Post.

Seema Jilani, who is a graduate from a prestigious American university and a United States citizen, has highlighted the surprising treatment that she claims she experienced when she attended the White House Correspondent's Dinner last month, equating much of it to racism.

Jilani and her husband, who is a journalist, attended the high profile dinner last month in Washington D.C., but she was left outraged at the treatment she received.

Jilani described in her report that as she entered the event with her husband they were split up as her husband had the official invitation and would be treated to the special Ball area.

However, the core of the problem was sparked when Jilani realized that her husband had her keys, and she went back to the elevator where he husband was escorted to the main ball. But she was not allowed in by the security officials who told her, "You can't go down without a ticket."

She attempted to argue that she did not want to enter the ballroom, but simply needed to get to her husband to get back her keys, however, she was refused, being told that an official ticket was required to go through to the restricted area, and there were no exceptions.

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