Erica Denise Phillips + Cash Register

Erica Denise Phillips + Cash Register, Erica Denise Phillips grand theft burglary. A Gainesville woman was taken to jail Monday after being charged with helping to steal an $800 cash register.

Inside the cash register was a quarter, police said.

Erica Denise Phillips, 28, of 4131 SW 17th Place, was charged with grand theft and burglary in connection with a break-in at the Bagel Bakery, 4113 NW 16th Blvd.

An arrest report filed by the Gainesville Police Department shows a sworn complaint was filed against another person implicated in the case, John Victor Harrington, 51. The State Attorney’s Office reviews sworn complaints to determine what charges — if any — should be filed.

According to a report by Officer Ariel Lugo, the break-in happened on Oct. 10. Lugo wrote that while Phillips was being questioned, she said her part in the crimes involved driving Harrington — in his car — to and from the scene and then searching the cash register for cash.

In Phillips’ version of events, Harrington broke the front door window to get inside the business and then hauled the silver cash register to the car.


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