Lingerie Football Rant

Lingerie Football Rant, So, it would appear that Chris Michaelson, head coach of the Seattle Mist team in the Legends Football League (formerly known as the Lingerie Football League, a re-designation we didn't know about), had a couple of anger management moments when speaking to his players at the half of a recent game between the Mist and the Green Bay Chill. Coach Michaelson was unhappy with his team's effort, and went on the power-rant you can watch at the top of his very post.

A few random thoughts after watching the video:

-- Dude, you're coaching LINGERIE FOOTBALL. Ease up on the gas a bit.

-- Dude, if you were Vince Lombardi or Bill Parcells (who could presumably get away with a rant like this), you wouldn't be coaching LINGERIE FOOTBALL.

-- It's all well and good to go all "SUPERCOACH!!!!!," but in the wake of the Mike Rice abuse scandal, throwing 50 f-bombs per minute and using terms like "retarded" and "stupid" with your own players (something Vince Lombardi would have never done; though Parcells probably would), is not terribly smart. You might want to check yourself before you, you know, wreck yourself.

-- Anyone else have a feeling that this guy has a few marital issues?

-- Anyone else have a feeling that this guy is angling for an NCAA coaching job?

A representative from the LFL told TMZ that "Everything is in line as far as what is expected from a football locker room, but we don't condone the use of the word 'retarded.'”

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