Heather Locklear daughter Is Mirror Image Of 51-Year-Old Actress

Heather Locklear daughter Is Mirror Image Of 51-Year-Old Actress, They were guests at the premiere of Scary Movie 5, but the most chilling thing about the appearance of Heather Locklear and Ava Sambora was their eery similarity.

Obviously as mother and daughter they are supposed to share certain traits, but 51-year old Heather could have passed as a friend of 15-year old Ava.

Heather is clearly very proud of her only child, and put her arm around her as they posed for photographers at the unveiling of the latest installment of the hit franchise.

Ava has clearly inherited her mother's looks, and has the same wide blue eyes, defined chin and warm smile, not to mention blonde hair.

They both opted to wear their hair loose, with Ava's long blonde hair tumbling to her waist while Heather's hung slightly past her shoulders.

There was also a similarity in their outfits, and they both chose short summery dresses which showed off their California tans.

Ava's patterned blue dress was set off by strappy black sandals, while Heather went for a pair of classic nude court shoes, which matched her beige dress.

Fans of the film This Is 40 will recognise Ava from the cast, but just because she has begun on what she hopes will be an illustious path to fame, doesn't mean she can shirk on her education.

'It should be illegal to make kids wake up this early for school,' she tweeted on Thursday morning.

Earlier this year, Ava's father, Bon Jovi star Richie Sambora, told Access Hollywood Live about how he and his ex-wife have tried to keep Ava as grounded as possible, despite her showbiz roots.

'Throughout my parenting I have given her a moral barometer, because when they become teenagers, they're going to be away from you more than they're going to be with you, they're going to make their own decisions,' he revealed.

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