Gloria Allred’s Clients

Gloria Allred’s Clients, With a Howard Cain accuser as her latest client, celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred is once again back in focus. As she gears up for another round of press conferences, we revisit some of her past clients who've dominated tabloids.
Sharon Bialek + Gloria Allred, Gloria Allred + 2011 Southern California Super Lawyer,

Sharon Bialek, The attorney's newest client is aiming accusations toward Republican presidential candidate Howard Cain

Jodie Fisher, This reality-TV personality turned marketing consultant sought Allred's expertise when she alleged sexual harassment against a high-powered CEO.

Kristina Hagan, Hagan, a fledgling actress, went to Allred with complaints of sexual harassment on the set at the hands of a prime-time TV star.

Debrahlee Lorenzana, This New York banker claimed she was unfairly fired from her job and, with Allred's help, spoke out against her former employer.

Charlotte Lewis, Allred assisted the British actress in alleging a decades-old statutory rape charge against a world-renowned director who had fled abroad.

Vanessa Lopez, Lopez enlisted Allred last year to help sue her former paramour, an NBA giant, for harassment and emotional distress.

Rachel Uchitel, Allred shared the spotlight with Uchitel when the latter was outed as a mystery mistress connected to an unfaithful star athlete.

Demaris Meyer, After being involved in a car crash involving an Oscar-winning actor, Meyer, a passenger in the vehicle, wanted to clear her rep and sought compensation.

Robin Tyler, Tyler and her same-sex partner fought to obtain a marriage license.

Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown, Allred represented Brown in 2007 when the former Spice Girl brought a paternity suit against her ex-boyfriend.

Hunter Tylo, Tylo claimed she was wrongfully fired from her '90s TV role when the show's producer found out she was pregnant.

Brittany Ashland, Her late-'90s relationship with a scandalous actor ended amid charges of assault and battery.

Family of Nicole Brown Simpson, Allred represented the family of Nicole Brown Simpson in the most talked about trial of the '90s.

Kelly Fisher, This model's engagement to a wealthy Egyptian man went south, which led her to Allred's offices.

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