Woman dies 15-year-old gunshot wound

Woman dies 15-year-old gunshot wound, Woman dies of old gunshot wound, Kent woman's death from 1996 gunshot injury now a homicide. A woman who was shot 15 years ago died of her injuries last week. Her death has now been ruled a homicide by the medical examiner.
Kent police say Lakeesha LaShawn Johnson, 34, was found dead in her residence on November 8.

The medical examiner’s office Tuesday said Johnson was shot in the spine and was paralyzed. That led to what coroners called “multiple chronic pressure ulcers," which are basically bed sores, which got infected. They would not say if a bullet was still lodged in her body when she died.

The shooting happened in 1996 in the Renton or Seattle area, but Kent police did not release any other details about it or name any suspects. woman dies 15-year-old gunshot wound, woman dies gunshot 15 years,

“We will be reaching out to both [police] agencies to determine where the original shooting occurred and pass this information on to that agency,” Kent Police Commander P.J. Lowery said.

Johnson had a criminal record.


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