Seniors In Flash Mob

"Senior Citizen Flash Mob

Adorable senior citizen flash mob performs to 'Last Christmas' at Target while amused shoppers look on

Between the Santa hats, stockings, and Christmas trees, a group of senior citizens took to the aisles of Target to give shoppers an unexpected holiday treat.

Elderly residents from Meadowlark Estates in Lawrence, Kansas, decided to spread some seasonal cheer by performing to ‘Last Christmas,’ recorded by the cast of the popular television show Glee.

The leading lady has a heart draped around her neck and was supported by several other happily rocking and swaying grannies.


Several younger shoppers stood by watching, many of them recording the jolly spectacle for themselves and laughing throughout.

In the middle of the performance, a man from a nearby aisle ambles in for the duet.

He and the heart-wearing woman feed off each other, pantomiming tears from Yuletide heartbreak.

A woman in a red turtleneck and cardigan participated in the flash mob with her rosy pink walker holding her oxygen tank.

They all beamed throughout the performance, and looked perfectly happy.

Last Christmas was written by George Michael of British pop duo Wham! in 1984.

It has been covered by everyone from the Glee cast to Ashley Swift to Ashley Tisdale to Coldplay, and often tops the charts every year around the holiday season.

‘What’d you think of that?’ the woman recording the video asked after the ‘flash mob’ stopped.

A woman behind a red shopping cart gave it a big thumbs up, while another said: ‘That was special!’

The video was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week.

Flash mobs - when people assemble suddenly in a public place, usually to perform a musical number or dance - have traditionally been a pastime of younger generations, but these senior citizens prove that anyone can pull it off. "senior citizen flash mob at Target" Last Christmas Glee

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