Dogs Eat Rocks

Dogs Eat Rocks

How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Rocks

Pica is a condition involving the consumption of nonfood items, such as rocks or gravel. In dogs, it is more commonly present in puppies and younger animals. Ingestion of rocks can lead to serious health issues, ranging from intestinal blockage to the perforation of the stomach or colon. Not only can this result in expensive surgery, it could even cause the death of the dog. To stop the dog from eating rocks, the owner must first discover the reason for the behavior. The dog could have a medical condition or behavioral problem, such as anxiety or stress, or simply be bored.


1. Visit your veterinarian to exclude the possibility of a medical condition, including disease, nutritional deficiency or digestive problem. However, pica is more likely to be a result of a behavioral problem than a medical condition.

2. Remove any rocks from the dog's kennel, if possible. Alternatively, leave the dog inside during the day or when you are not around.

3. Provide the dog with stimulating activities and challenges. Play with your pet when you are around, and leave it a variety of chew toys for when it is alone. Buy it new toys and think of new games to play with it to eliminate boredom.

4. Change the dog's food to address the possibility of vitamin deficiencies and boredom. Give it new chew treats.

5. Avoid punishing your dog when you see it with a rock. Distract it by spraying its face with cold water, and praise it when it drops the rock.

6. Fit the dog with a basket muzzle when it needs to be outside. It should only
wear this for short periods of time.

7. Consult a canine behavioral specialist if the problem persists. It may be that you need individual training and advice to eliminate the behavior.

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