Marland Anderson Autopsy Pending

Marland Anderson Autopsy Pending, An autopsy Tuesday (April 17) could reveal the official cause of death for porn star Sledge Hammer. The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the death of Marland Anderson (aka Sledge Hammer), who died Friday -- five days after he became violent with paramedics following a reported suicide attempt and had to be restrained and then stunned with a Taser by police.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Anderson had suffered a knife injury during an attempted suicide on April 8. When police arrived on the scene, his girlfriend told them she had pried the knife away from Anderson. He was then handcuffed to a gurney for transportation to the hospital but broke free once inside the ambulance. An officer riding with paramedics in the ambulance used a Taser on Anderson, but it failed to stop him.

Lt. Andrew Nieman tells the LA Times that the Taser may have actually made contact with another officer's leg. Once outside the ambulance, officers attempted to use the Taser on Anderson once again, with six to eight officers eventually able to restrain the 6-foot-1 porn star and transport him to the hospital, where he later lost consciousness and died Friday morning. Porn star dies tasered


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