Cameron Diaz Golf like Crack

Cameron Diaz Golf like Crack, Cameron Diaz has been one of the biggest names in Hollywood over the last 12 years. She's also, apparently, quite the golfer.

According to an interview with Starpulse.com, the star of the new superhero film The Green Hornet has been playing the sport for quite a while, and is hooked.

"I've been golfing for about eight years but I hadn't golfed for, like, three years until recently," the star told Starpulse.

Why did she pick up the clubs again?

"Because it's kind of like crack cocaine to me... I'm getting my clubs fitted... and I'm very excited," Diaz said.

Apparently, not even Hollywood's biggest stars are immune to the lure of one of the most popular sports on Earth. However, Diaz does say that she has to play barefoot to truly enjoy the experience.

Just, don't let Rex Ryan know.


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