Helen Hunt Return To Big Screen

Helen Hunt Return To Big Screen - The talented actress is returning to the big screen this year with several new projects after taking some time off for herself. The veteran movie star has kept relatively quiet over the past few years, releasing only a few projects here and there including 2011's "Soul Surfer."

In 2012 Helen will release two films that already have people talking including, "The Sessions" and "Decoding Annie Parker." Although we love the young, hot actresses that take lead in most of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters, sometimes we just want to see our older, talented favorites show off their acting chops. Who else should make a come back?

Hilary Swank

Like Helen, Hilary hasn't been in the limelight very much in the past couple of years. Hilary isn't releasing anything in 2012 and her last big role was in "Amelia" that debuted in 2010. We want this Oscar-winning actress to come back to the big screen. Luckily, for Hilary fans it appears she'll be doing just that in 2013. The brunette beauty will release "The Dallas Buyer's Club" next year starring opposite Matthew McConaughey.

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP used to crank out one hit movie after the other but in the past year she's chosen some less than great roles. Did anyone actually see "New Year's Eve?" In 2012 she'll star in the highly anticipated "Lovelace" as Gloria Steinem. We don't doubt SJP can pull the role off but we just hope this movie brings her back as one of the leading ladies in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo said she quit "American Idol" to focus on her acting career but the only big-screen project she's talked about so far is her upcoming 3D concert film that will showcase Jenny on tour and how she's dealt with her recent personal struggles over the years. We're excited for the 3D film but what we really want is for J-Lo to go back to the big screen in a big way.

What other actresses do you want to see come back?


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