Bruce Willis Levi's Ad

Bruce Willis Levi's Ad - You've watched Bruce Willis blow stuff up in "Die Hard," see dead people in "The Sixth Sense," and blow more stuff up in "The Expendables 2." But you haven't seen him with hair.

A Levi's commercial from 1984 (see below) starring your favorite action star has surfaced, thanks to BuzzFeed, and is enjoying a comeback. Check out one of the A-lister's first acting jobs -- he's the guy at the end with the yellow jacket showing off some smooth moves. (Look closely -- he may also be the one washing the car.)

In the ad, which is a time capsule of bad '80s fashion, a series of scenes show various people wearing Levi's 501 jeans -- roller-skating, washing a car, driving in an old pickup -- to a bluesy guitar riff.

Young Bruce appears at the end of the spot. The not-yet-famous Willis is seen walking on the street, moving to the music, spinning around, all with a goofy grin on his face.

If this were old Bruce, we'd assume it was ironic. But the guy is such a happy ham in the ad, you have to assume he's young, he's glad for the work, and he's acting.


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