iPhone 5 photos Ubreakifix

iPhone 5 photos Ubreakifix - As the rumored launch date of the next-generation iPhone comes closer, more and more pictures of its parts are revealed. We’ve seen plenty of supposed iPhone 5 front panel casings, complete housings, batteries, dock connectors and so much more. Now, here’s another leak that shows the complete front panel assembly of the device, which also includes the reported 4-inch screen.

Reports have pretty much confirmed that the new iPhone (aka the iPhone 5) will have a 4-inch screen and a taller design. New leaked photos coming from Apple repair service provider UBreakiFix shows the complete front panel of the rumored iPhone 5. This includes the complete front panel housing along with the 4-inch display, the slightly smaller Home button and the re-positioned FaceTime camera and the headphone jack, as seen in the picture above. Nothing more is revealed, as the photos aren’t of that high quality. Another zoomed photo also shows serial numbers for the LCD and the connector. iphone 5 photos leaked ubreakifix, ubreakifix iphone 5, September 21 iPhone 5 release, iphone 5 mini connector picture cable

That’s pretty much all. We’ll let you know, if more pictures of the front panel and the display surface. Again, we’re not sure whether this is the real deal. All we can do now, is wait for Apple to officially reveal the next-generation iPhone and see what it’s like. Until then, we’re stuck with the rumors and the leaked photos, videos etc.


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