Jerry Jones glasses

Jerry Jones glasses - It must be nice owning the first American sports franchise ever to be worth more than $2 billion.

Moments after Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Kevin Ogletree scored the first touchdown of the 2012 NFL season (and of his career) to put Dallas up 7-3 late in the first half over the New York Giants, NBC cameras showed Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sitting comfortably in his suite. A man sitting behind him was wiping a pair of glasses and then handed them to Jones.

That's right, Jerry Jones doesn't wipe his own glasses.

Hours after Dallas' 24-17 victory over the defending Super Bowl champions, the man doing the wiping was identified.

Not only does Jones now wipe his own glasses, he has his son-in-law do the job.

With the season-opening victory over a division rival, Forbes reporting that his franchise is the NFL's most valuable for the sixth straight year, a new rap video and his own personal glasses cleaner, it's hard to top Jones' life.


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