Claw Tattoo You Don’t Mess With Your Trademark

Claw Tattoo You Don’t Mess With Your Trademark, Rapper Eve, who happens to have a new man (remember, she usta date music producer Stevie J?) covers Inked Magazine and discusses being the “old” Eve, giving Interscope the “middle finger” and her history with tattoos (even the paw prints).

On being the old Eve artistically: “I hate it when people say, ‘The old Eve, the old Eve.’ No! I can’t pretend to be that girl anymore. If I did, people would see that and be like, Why is she trying to be that same person?”

On leaving Interscope: “My deal with Interscope is completely over, thank God. Don’t print that, though!” Eve says, before quickly changing her mind. “Actually, fuck it. I’m with EMI now. I was able to leave and take some music with me but start over, basically.”

On her next tattoo: “It will probably be three little birds, which is my favorite Bob Marley song, with the words ‘Every little thing gonna be all right. And it makes me feel that way.”

Her mom’s thoughts on her signature paw-print tatts: “My mom said it was the tackiest thing she’d ever seen,” Eve explained. Years later, Eve’s momma suggested that she NOT remove the tatt,”Hey, you don’t mess with your trademark, right?”

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