Rush Limbaugh And 2012 DNC Disaster

Rush Limbaugh And 2012 DNC Disaster - RUSH Limbaugh has has slammed the 2012 DNC, calling it a disaster.

During his syndicated radio show last week, Rush Limbaugh said it was “one of the worst, flattest, most embarrassing days for a political party at its convention in the history of conventions.”

“The media and a lot of Democrats think the election’s over because of last night,” he added. “They think last night’s convention was a home run, a grand-slam home run. I’m telling you, the truth is that, in terms of average Americans watching what’s going on, yesterday and last night was an absolute disaster for the Democrats.”

Limbaugh also doesn’t think that former President Bill Clinton had helped Barack Obama during the convention.

“I’m telling you, they see Bill Clinton in a way that the vast majority of Americans do not,” he stated. “Any party that would bring Bill Clinton out and highlight him and Ted Kennedy while at the same time claiming to have love and devotion, respect for women, is insane.”

Limbaugh did admit that he didn’t watch Clinton’s entire speech because “I got bored.”

“Chris Matthews probably had to wear an athletic supporter to hide the bulge,” he said. “No wonder [Tom] Brokaw had to go to the hospital this morning.”

Limbaugh even mocked what Brokaw said led to the dizzy spell that forced his brief hospitalization: “The Kennedy driving excuse—He took half an Ambien.”

In addition, Ann Coulter tweeted: “Bill Clinton just impregnated Sandra Fluke backstage.”


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