How Have Celebrities Aged?

How have celebrities aged? Did you know that September is Healthy Aging Month? In honor, we’re taking a look at some famous people who are aging gracefully and others who seem to be fighting it every step of the way.

David Beckham
The photogenic soccer phenom has gained worldwide fame by playing for teams across the globe and marrying a Spice Girl.

Bill Clinton
The former president, who was known for his love of fast food and underwent two heart procedures, altered his appearance dramatically after changing his diet.

Randy Jackson
The “American Idol” judge dropped 100 pounds after undergoing gastric-bypass surgery in 2003. Despite gaining a few of those pounds back, he still looks darned good for his age.

Bruce Jenner
The 1976 Olympic decathlete parlayed his good looks and fame into an acting career but has admitted to getting plastic surgery in the years since.

Val Kilmer
Before packing on the pounds, he played a superhero, a rock ‘n’ roll legend and a beefcake fighter pilot in addition to dating some famous ladies.

James Lipton
Will Ferrell made Lipton a household name with his deadpan impersonation of the octogenarian “Inside the Actors Studio” host, who maintains a youthful appearance that can only be described as “scrumtrulescent.”

Lindsay Lohan
The oft-arrested actress was still a squeaky-clean teenager when she starred in a 2003 Disney remake and a 2004 hit comedy. These days, it’s hard to tell her apart from her hard-partying mom.

Helen Mirren
The outspoken Oscar-winning British actress is still turning heads.

Michelle Obama
Armed with a keen fashion sense, the first lady is looking better than ever since moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Michelle Pfeiffer
The 54-year-old actress, who got her start in beauty pageants, is just as stunning today as when she steamed up the screen in her 1989 Oscar-nominated role.

Brad Pitt
They say having kids keeps you young, which is why it seems the Oscar nominee and parent of six adorable kids — together with his equally stunning partner — has discovered the Fountain of Youth.

Maury Povich
This longtime tabloid TV host spends his days with wayward mothers and his nights with his equally age-defying wife, which must be the secret that keeps him looking way younger than he should at his age.

Condoleezza Rice
The still-fit former figure skater and former secretary of state reportedly kept in shape while in office by waking up before everyone else.

Axl Rose
The screeching Guns N’ Roses frontman was still a lanky singer when he burst onto the rock ‘n’ roll scene with “Welcome to the Jungle” in 1987.

Mickey Rourke
The Academy Award nominee hasn’t looked the same since he returned to acting from a stint as a professional boxer in the 1990s.

J.K. Rowling
Success seems to suit the creator of the Harry Potter universe, since she looks even better than she did when the first book came out in 1997.

Steven Seagal
The 1990s action star was known for his buff, tough-guy roles before he became the puffed-up, ponytailed reality TV lawman he is today.

Tina Turner
The legendary singer survived an abusive relationship and the harsh music industry and still rocks what are arguably the best gams in the business.

Barbara Walters
The longtime TV journalist has beamed into our living rooms since the 1960s and is still interviewing celebrities, politicians and everyday people on “The View.”

Betty White
The beloved actress has been entertaining fans since the 1930s on everything from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” to “The Golden Girls” to Snickers commercials.

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