William, Kate Rumors

William, Kate Rumors - The rumor mill is a-churning with talk of Prince William and bride of a year-and-a-half Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge being with child. Of course, the ink was barely dry on their marriage license back in 2011 before the rumors started up, but when the world is so in love with you, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement.

What is fueling these new rumors? Kate has been seen toasting with water on her and William's trip to Singapore. We're fairly certain that's not some kind of Singapore custom -- plus, other people at the reception were toasting with wine. It's noteworthy, but not exactly hard evidence.

However, William is kind of adding fuel to the pregnancy fire by telling reporters he wants to have two children in an interview conducted while in Singapore. Is he perhaps softening up the ground for the big announcement?

Lovely Catherine certainly doesn't look pregnant at all. But if it's so early they haven't announced it yet, she wouldn't look pregnant yet. Some women don't really start showing for five or six months, honestly.

What do you think, Royal family watchers?


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