Rick Ross Threats

Rick Ross Threats, Police in Chicago have launched an investigation into video messages posted online by a local gang that threatened rapper Rick Ross, according to TMZ.

Self-proclaimed members of a Chicago-based group known as the Gangster Disciples recently demanded in a series of YouTube videos that Ross pay them. Ross is no stranger to the Gangster Disciples, referring to founder Larry Hoover in the song "B.M.F (Blowin' Money Fast)." Hoover is serving six life sentences at a prison in Colorado for drug conspiracy and extortion convictions.

Ross canceled the rest of his U.S. tour two days ago, which followed an earlier cancellation of two North Carolina shows that were scrapped for safety reasons.

Rumors have suggested that the decision to cancel the tour was linked to the gang threat. Ross blamed promoters for canceling the shows and vowed to return to North Carolina as soon as possible. After pulling the rest of his Maybach Music Tour dates, he insisted it was the result of an "apparent lack of organization and communication" by event promoters.

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