Naked Bathers Flee Fire

Naked Bathers Flee Fire, Naked punters had no time to get dressed when fire suddenly engulfed a bathhouse in east China, killing one and injuring six people.

The bathers were forced to flee the establishment in Leqing, Zhejiang province as the flames spread through building.

Guests had to cover themselves the best they could as they watched the fire rip through the bathhouse.

The fire started in a neighbouring apartment and quickly spread through the whole block.

‘One minute I was soaking in the tub, the next I could smell smoke and hear screams,’ said one customer.

‘There was no time to get my clothes. I just ran for my life,’ he added.

A city fire service spokesman explained: ‘A gas pipe fractured in an apartment kitchen which then exploded.

‘The fire spread very rapidly and we were lucky that more people didn't die.’

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