Pistorius Suicidal After Allegedly Killing Girlfriend

Pistorius Suicidal After Allegedly Killing Girlfriend, A FRIEND of Oscar Pistorius says the Paralympian is "on the verge of suicide" as he fights accusations of murdering his girlfriend, according to UK media reports.

The South African athlete denies murdering his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp at his home in South Africa last month. He claims he shot her through a bathroom door thinking she was an intruder.

Mike Azzie, a close friend of the troubled sports star, told a BBC documentary team the sportsman was a "broken man" after he was forced to sell his possessions to pay for his massive legal fees.

"He just always seems to mention Reeva and to ask us to pray for her and her family," said Azzie, in the BBC3 documentary, Oscar Pistorius: What Really Happened?

"But most of all, you've got to understand that we are there for him and we will always be his friend.

"He has no confidence in his tone of voice and he is just a man that is almost like someone that is walking around in circles and doesn't know where he is going.

"I would say that, just speaking to him, that he is a broken man and that I would go as far to say that he would be on the verge of suicide. It really worries me."

Prosecutors have charged Pistorius with the premeditated murder of his 29-year-old girlfriend and he is due back in court in June.

The double-amputee admits shooting Steenkamp repeatedly through a locked bathroom door, but says he mistook her for an intruder.

According to local television reports in South Africa, Pistorius is appealing his bail conditions.

The eNCA news channel says lawyers for the sprint star, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend on Valentine's Day, will ask a court for a ban on foreign travel to be lifted. He also wants the removal of a condition relating to mandatory drug and alcohol tests and to be able to return to his home.

The BBC crew also interviewed a friend of Steenkemp for the documentary, which airs on Monday.

Steenkamp's close friend Gina Myers talks about the last time they were together.

"I was actually, I was doing my hair and she was getting ready for a meeting and I was getting ready to go to work," Myers told the BBC.

"And when she left she told me I was going to be awesome and that she loved me and then I ran out and then I gave her a hug and she left."

"She was just the most incredibly bubbly person," she added

"You could feel it as soon as she walked into a room, you could feel her presence. She had this way about her. I promise you if you'd met her you would just say hello to her and she had this smile.

"You know your immediate thoughts when you see someone that beautiful is it's impossible to have someone so magnificent on the inside as she is on the outside. But she really was.

"I want her to be remembered for the voice that she had and the things that she believed in and what she stood for. She had such an integrity about her and moral grounding. She comes from such a beautiful family."

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