Kim Kardashian Monroe moment

Kim Kardashian Monroe moment, She's come under fire for trussing her growing bump in designer dresses, wearing ridiculous heels until long after it was sensible and clocking up a Yeti sized carbon footprint.

And you've got to feel for Kim Kardashian because on Wednesday when she stepped out in a perfectly sensible maternity frock, she was scuppered by the weather.

The 32-year-old mother-to-be, who was accused of using Botox in a magazine report the same day, had to grab onto her striped dress as it flew up over her waist.

Kimmy seemed to see the funny side of her Marilyn moment, however, as she chuckled with mirth when the gust played havoc with her cute frock.

The reality star did a fantastic job of preserving her modesty as she walked across the road and knowing - as she does - that camera lens are always trailed on her, she ensured that there wasn't anything private for the photographers to see.

Luckily, Kanye West's girlfriend was wearing a really pretty pair of sensible sandals so had a lower centre of gravity than she's used to, and it made the save all that more easy to make.

Kardashian definitively shot down the shocking report that claimed she is still getting Botox injections during her pregnancy.

A spokesperson for the star said: 'It's absurd and NOT true!'

Kim, who is expecting her first child in July, has come under fire throughout her pregnancy for her choice of clothes, footwear and even diet.

But the suggestion she is still being injected with Botox - which is actually the poison Botulinum toxin and is often found in sausage meats - is obviously much more serious.

And Kim, who rarely acknowledges other claims, isn't taking this lying down.

The report in In Touch magazine, stated: 'She’s still getting injections even though she’s seven months pregnant.'

'She’s become more neurotic than ever about her looks,' a family insider told the magazine.

'She’ll do anything to be beautiful.'

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