Tim Tebow blackballed

Tim Tebow blackballed, Our area was hit pretty hard by a disaster of epic proportions this year. Governor Christie estimates the recovery will take years and cost upwards of 50 to 60 billion dollars. I’m talking of course about the New York Jets. What a mess!” – Alec Baldwin at the NFL Honors Awards

The Jets were a mess this year and if Tim Tebow was on another team’s roster, Mark Sanchez would have been replaced after the fourth game for just about anyone with a single digit jersey and a pulse. Sanchez was tolerated only because Tebow was despised.

Tim Tebow is the Sarah Palin of the National Football League: a huge draw, loved by many, hated by the establishment and constantly disrespected for nothing other than virtue. Polarizing only because we live in a post-Christian, narcissistic petri dish; Tebow has become the third rail of the National Football League. In the age of Lady Blah-Blah, the squeaky-clean Boy Scout is now a national pariah. Tebow has quickly become the perpetual blanket party of the “nattering nabobs.” But who ordered the Code Red?

Even before he was drafted by the Denver Broncos, we were told by the “experts” that he couldn’t make it in the NFL; and there were legitimate reasons for believing that. His throwing accuracy was not great, his mechanics and delivery were called into question by those who know these things; and all of this was both fuel and cover for the Hate Tebow bandwagon. His awkward mechanics and lousy release got him a football scholarship to the football factory that is the Florida Gators. Tebow compiled a Heisman trophy, a BCS National Championship, three team MVP’s and dozens of records, only to be followed by a first round pick in the NFL draft – in spite of those drawbacks.

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