Karen Butler small stroke while under anesthesia

Karen Butler small stroke while under anesthesia. Karen Butler went to the dentist to have some teeth pulled. When she woke up from the anesthetic, she found that she had a foreign accent. Like that of a James Bond villain, Karen Butler's accent is sort of generalized-foreign, and not specific to a country or region.

The Oregon native had been told that her speech patterns would return to normal once the swelling in her mouth went down, but, over 18 months later, she still has a foreign accent. Karen Butler had developed Foreign Accent Syndrome, whose effect is self-evident.

Foreign Accent Syndrome is usually the result of brain trauma, either due to a stroke or external forces. In Karen Butler's case, her health insurance won't cover a brain scan, so she doesn't know whether or not she suffered a small stroke while under the dentist's anesthesia.

Karen Butler likes her new accent, though, and plans on keeping it rather than undergoing speech therapy. This makes sense: Americans dig foreign accents, especially those that sound vaguely British. Karen Butler is in luck: her accent sounds like a mix between northern English, Irish, Dutch, and maybe German. She'll always get served first at bars. Foreign accent syndrome can clear up over time.

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