Mom fights off knife-wielding carjacker

Mom fights off knife-wielding carjacker,  A would-be carjacker messed with the wrong mom.

A Texas mother protecting her kids from an alleged knife-wielding carjacker engaged in a terrifying hand-to-hand fight behind the wheel of her vehicle that ended with the suspect being thrown out, run over and hospitalized.

"I told him he messed with the wrong witch," Dorothy Baker told ABC of her frantic battle coursing the roads of Baytown, Texas.

Police say Ismael Martinez, 54, snuck inside the backseat of Baker's parked unlocked minivan waiting for her to return from a CVS drug store when he sprung up on her.

Allegedly holding a knife to her oldest son, she says he demanded that she drive him to the nearest ATM.

"He popped up out of the backseat and said that if I didn't want my kids to get hurt, that I would do exactly what he said," Baker emotionally recalled.

Terrified, with her two young kids, 5 and 2, strapped in the backseat with the accused villain, Baker says she did the first thing that came to mind: fought back.

"I took my fist and I hit him in the face, and I told him to get out of my car," Baker said.

The mother next intentionally drove her vehicle straight into a pole, hoping to send him through the windshield or at least injure him.

When that didn't work, the mother continued to use her own physical force against him while dually managing to call 911.

Her husband says she has the scar to prove it.

"She's got a cut that goes across her chest, and she grabbed the knife and he bit her hand," Charles Flugence told ABC.

When Martinez finally jumped out of her car, hoping to escape the mother's wrath on foot, he had yet to see the end of her rage.

"I didn't mean to run him over," Baker says misty eyed. "I was just trying to stop him so he didn't hurt anybody else."

Baker's vehicle slammed into the 54-year-old, keeping him immobile until police arrived.

Martinez was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston with serious injuries.

 He's expected to face felony charges, adding to his previous wrap that includes rape and burglary convictions, KTRK reports.

Back at the Baytown CVS, talk of the incident produced cheers for the spirited mom.

"She's trying to protect herself and her kids. I'd do the same thing," Baytown resident Joyce Sparks told KTRK.

At home, her proud husband, with his two children held closely in his arms, mutually praised his spirited wife.

"She's my hero. I'll take her anywhere. I'll take her anywhere twice on Sunday," he told KTRK. "She's a tough one. I wouldn't have it any other way."

"We're safe and that's what matters," Baker said whole holding her youngest in her arms.

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