Ahmed Hasnain Paid Escorts $160

Ahmed Hasnain Paid Escorts $160, A Kansas man who called police yesterday to claim that he was robbed by two female escorts hired via an online service later admitted that he just “wanted a refund” from the women.

Ahmed Hasnain, 26, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge in connection with the bizarre incident at a Motel 6 in Wichita, according to a Wichita Police Department report.

Hasnain, told cops that he had expected only one hooker to show up and “didn’t like that there were two women.” After paying the pair $160, Hasnain decided that he wanted his money back (a request that was rebuffed by the hired hands).

So that’s when Hasnain called 911 at around 5 AM to lodge his complaint. Based on his own statements, Hasnain was charged with patronizing a prostitute. Perhaps he will consider calling the Better Business Bureau the next time he wants to register a consumer complaint.

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