Nicole Coco Austin Butt Implants

Nicole Coco Austin Butt Implants, COCO’s Claims Justified After On-Air Ultrasound: My Butt Is 100% Real (VIDEO)

COCO‘s claims about her stupendous behind have finally been justified after an on-air ultrasound…it appears her butt is 100% real.

Nicole “Coco” Austin, 32-year-old glamour model, reality star, and wife of rapper, Ice-T, has always maintained that her posterior, humongously unreal though it seems, is out-and-out natural. Now she’s finally proved it by having an ultrasound of her gigantic gluteus maximus done on reality TV show, “The Doctors”…

During the procedure, Dr. Andrew Ordon pointed out Coco‘s glute muscles, subcutaneous tissue and fat on the ultrasound screen, declaring:

“Coco‘s buttocks are 100 per cent real.”

Proving once and for all, that indeed, her prodigious behind has been here since before Kim Kardashian‘s.

While Coco has admitted to getting breasts implants, she’s always maintained her ass is her own.

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