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Wacky Parenting Stories
Stupid parenting stories, Wacky parenting stories. Parents are responsible for their kids’ survival, education and overall wellbeing, and, as any parent will tell you, it’s no easy job. That being said, some people do it better than others. The following stories are from the other side of the parenting spectrum. Read on to find out just how stupid some parents can be.

Mom turns to Internet when son is shot
Deborah Tagle didn’t make the best parenting move when she turned to the Internet to find out how to treat her son’s gunshot wound. Tagle put off taking the 14-year-old to the doctor for hours and is facing a felony charge for doing so. Mom goes to WebMD and waits seven hours before taking son to doctor.
Mom goes to WebMD after son is shot, Deborah Tagle charged with one count of injury to a child with intent to commit bodily injury, friend Pete Jesse Rodriguez shot 14-year-old, Pete Jesse Rodriguez.

Dad bakes cookies spiked with drugs
Chad Holm probably isn’t going to win any father-of-the-year awards. He has been accused of putting a “special ingredient” into a batch of cookies he baked with his two sons (Chad Holm sons 5 and 7) in an alleged attempt to get back at their mom. Holm allegedly put meth in cookies, Holm charged with second-degree perjury for forging own drug test, Chad Holm Mom gets temporary custody of sons in meth cookies case

Child left home alone with Rottweiler
Earlier this year, a frightened young boy (9-year-old boy left home with Rottweiler) had to be rescued from the upstairs of a house in England after being left home alone with a Rottweiler. This breed of dog is considered by many to be one of the most dangerous. Child left home with Rottweiler saved by fireman ladder, 73-year-old woman and a 39-year-old man had been arrested after child left home with Rottweiler, Child left home with Rottweiler now in the care of relatives. Boy aged four left home with Rottweiler 2009 in Cumbria.

Baby left alone with note
A mother in New Zealand hit the headlines earlier this year for all the wrong reasons when she left her newborn in the car with a note while she went to do her grocery shopping. The baby was fine but after pictures were posted on social media, the public was outraged. Baby left in car with note picture posted on Facebook, “My mum’s in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything”, Man and wife passers-by found baby in car with note, Man who found baby in car with note said the baby looked well cared for and thought it was just a silly decision by a tired mother, Police say no one’s come forward after baby left with note so no charges.

Kids for sale on social media by Oklahoma mom
Oklahoma mother Misty VanHorn came under fire earlier this year when she tried to sell her two kids (Mom tries to sell 2 year old and 10 month old on facebook) on a social networking site. VanHorn was caught after a potential buyer contacted police and she now faces this charge. Mom tries to sell kids on facebook arrested on suspicion of trafficking children, Mom tries to sell kids on facebook for $4000, Mom tries to sell kids on facebook to get money to get boyfriend out of jail, Mom tries to sell kids on facebook, kids now in care of the state’s department of human services.

Rachelle Braaten giving toddler pot
Rachelle Braaten faces serious charges (Rachelle Braaten accused of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance to a minor as well as manufacturing marijuana) after she allegedly let her toddler (Rachelle Braaten let 22 month old smoke pot) smoke marijuana. The 24-year-old woman from Centralia, Washington, was captured on video giving her young son a hit off a bong. Anonymous source gave police cell phone video of Rachelle Braaten giving son bong, Braaten son now in state custody, Rachelle Braaten son’s father accused of unlawful possession of a firearm and manufacturing marijuana.

Mom packs weapon in son’s school bag
New York mother Deborah Farley had this excuse [Deborah Farley forgot to removefor] accidentally packing a gun in her young son’s (Deborah Farley son 7 years old) school bag earlier this year. Police were able to retrieve the weapon (bag of bullets in Farley son school bag as well) from the bag, and luckily no one was hurt. Deborah Farley son taken into custody by child protective services.

Wisconsin dad tries to give son away
Wisconsin father Joseph Corter hit the headlines in November 2012 after reportedly trying to give his son (Joseph Corter son a 3-year-old) away to various members of the public. When there were no takers, the intoxicated 31-year-old then tried to leave the area without the youngster. Security officers stopped Joseph Corter, Joseph Corter tried to leave son at bus station, Corter charged with misdemeanor child endangerment, Joseph Corter son in custody of DCFS.

Mom lets kids repeatedly skip school
California mother Lorraine Cuevas broke the law when she allowed her two kids (Lorraine Cuevas kids in second and third grade) to skip an astonishing number of days during the last school year. Lorraine Cuevas jailed for 180 days, Lorraine Cuevas children had a combined 116 absences, Lorraine Cuevas children attending school regularly so far this school year, Cuevas has also been sentenced to two years in jail for stealing Game Boys.

Mom arrested for letting kids play outside
This parenting situation is a bit more controversial. Texas mom Tammy Cooper was arrested (Tammy Cooper arrested for child endangerment) last year for letting her kids play outside alone. She claims she was watching the two children (Tammy Cooper children age 6 and 9) from a lawn chair but nonetheless the cops were called and she was arrested. Tammy Cooper’s neighbor called the cops, Tammy Cooper spent 18 hours in jail, Tammy Cooper suing police and neighbor.

Brooke Breedwell mother
Child beauty queen Brooke Breedwell spoke out recently about the dangers of pushy stage parents and the pageant circuit (Brooke Breedwell warns parents about pageants). Breedwell criticized her own mother for forcing her to wear makeup and fake teeth and do this three times a week. Brooke Breedwell forced to go on the tanning bed three times a week, Brooke Breedwell mother “I want her to look like a Barbie doll.”, Brooke Breedwell won 75 pageants in the U.S. by the time she was 5, Brooke Breedwell graduated from the University of Tennessee.

New Zealand parents leave kids in van
A New Zealand couple, whose names were not released, came under fire last year when they left five kids (New Zealand parents leave five kids locked in van, youngest 5 months old) locked in a van in a parking lot. Local security guards were able to free the children (New Zealand couple left five kids alone in van for 45 minutes) and none were seriously hurt. New Zealand parents leave kids in van so they could gamble at casino, New Zealand couple charged with leaving a child under the age of 14 without adequate supervision, New Zealand mother who left five kids in van wants to become a social worker.

Shawn Weimer let daughter drive
Shawn Weimer, 39 years old at the time, horrified parents everywhere when he let his young daughter (Shawn Weimer let 9-year-old daughter drive) drive him to a Michigan gas station in the middle of the night in October 2011. Shawn Weimer let daughter drive because he was drunk, Shawn Weimer charged with child abuse, Shawn Weimer sentenced to two years probation.

Alaska mom forces child to eat hot sauce
Alaska mom Jessica Beagley horrified people everywhere when a video of her forcing her young boy (Jessica Beagley son 7 years old) to eat straight hot sauce was shown on a talk show in 2010. The mother of six also tried this cruel discipline tactic just to get on the show. Jessica Beagley forced son to take cold shower, Alaska mom forces child to eat hot sauce to get on Dr. Phil, Jessica Beagley charged with child abuse, Jessica Beagley sentenced to three years probation and suspended fine.

Australian mother tried to sell kids online
An Australian mother was highly criticized for putting her two kids (Australian mother tried to sell kids, both under 10, online) up for sale on eBay in 2011. She claimed it was done as a joke but child safety campaigners had this to say about her. Child safety campaigners said Australian mother who tried to sell kids needs to find something more productive to do with her time, Australian mother who tried to sell kids on ebay not charged.

Monica Say drunk with kids in car
Monica Say was in the news for all the wrong reasons in late 2009 when she was arrested following a chase with police. The icing on the cake: She was drunk, her two kids (Monica Say children age 2 and 4 in car when she drove drunk 2009) were in the car and she had more than just diapers in the diaper bag. Monica Say had open bottle of rum in diaper bag, Monica Say blood alcohol content 0.17 after police chase 2009, Monica Say charged with fleeing police, gross misdemeanor child endangerment and fourth degree driving under the influence.

Michigan grandmother hid in grandson’s diaper
Michigan grandmother Lorri Compo was supposed to be watching her grandson (Lorri Compo grandson almost 1) when she was arrested (Lorri Compo charged with child abuse, use of cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstacy charges and maintaining a drug house) during a drug raid at her home in August 2009. What’s worse, a disturbing discovery was made when the boy’s diaper was changed. Meth found in grandson’s diaper, Grandson handed over to Child Protective Services after drugs found in diaper, Katrina Compo said she knew nothing of any meth production or use.

Dad tries to buy 14-year-old
The summer of 2008 was an interesting one for a 42-year-old father and his 14-year-old son, whose names were not released to the media (why? Father cannot be named because it will identify his 14-year-old son red light story). They were in the red light district in this English city when the father tried to buy an unusual gift for his son. UK man tried to hire prostitute for son, Man tried to hire prostitute for son for 20 pound fee, Father and 14-year-old arrested in red light district, Judge didn’t believe the father meant to harm his son when he tried to hire him prostitute.

Father Steven Russo hosts party for teenage son
Pennsylvania father Steven Russo hit the headlines for hosting a party for his teenage son (Steven Russo party son 17 years old) and his friends back in 2008. The party was complete with underage drinking and another majorly inappropriate activity. Steven Russo party had stripper pole, Steven Russo and son party photos on Facebook, Steven Russo charged with corrupting minors, furnishing alcohol to minors and endangering the welfare of children, Steven Russo sent to prison for stalking ex-girlfriend.

Dad accidentally buys alcohol for son at baseball game
At a Detroit Tigers game a few years ago, Christopher Ratte, a professor (Christopher Ratte professor of archaeology at the University of Michigan) at the University of Michigan, bought his son (how old? Christopher Ratte son 7 years old) what he thought was a refreshing beverage appropriate for a child. To Ratte’s surprise, it was an alcoholic drink and he was soon being questioned by police. Christopher Ratte bought son Mikes Hard Lemonade, Concession stand just said “Mike’s Lemonade” so Ratte bought it for son, Christopher Ratte son taken by Child Protective Services.

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