Man occupy vancouver treated drug overdose

Occupy Vancouver protester treated for drug overdose, A member of the Occupy Vancouver protest was treated for a drug overdose at the encampment on the lawn of the Vancouver Art Gallery, officials with the Vancouver Fire Department confirmed on Thursday morning.

Vancouver Fire Chief John McKearney said the man's life was saved by the quick reaction of a medical first responder on site at the protest.

"We were very fortunate that there was a competent first aid person within the protest here who was able to give immediate first aid. This individual was a drug overdose in cardiac arrest and they initiated CPR," he said.

Protest organizers say this was the first drug overdose since the occuption began on Oct. 15.

Fire officials say the overdose is a concern, but they are more concerned about the number of propane tanks and other heat sources in use at the site and the large number of tents and tarps that could go up in flames if a fire broke out.

Several media outlets, including the CBC, reported that protesters at the camp confronted reporters and camera operators who arrived to report on the incident shortly after the news broke around 9 a.m. PT.
Occupy Victoria power and water cut off

Meanwhile it's lights out for Occupy Victoria after the City of Victoria shut off a water spout, and the Capital Regional District cut power at an outdoor outlet on Wednesday.

The city says the water spout had been left on in error after an event and protesters got notice that it would be shut off

A spokesman for the CRD says protesters had been taking electricity from an outdoor outlet on a CRD building.

Protesters call the moves an attempt to quietly evict them.


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