+Mccord dress panties

+Mccord dress panties, AnnaLynne McCord's Thin Dress Shows Panties: 90210 Crew Sees Legs and More! AnnaLynne McCord was on the set of her hit TV show 90210 when she was photographed with in a short see-through dress that was already a little bit too high. Anyhow, the AnnaLynne McCord Sexy Legs On 90210 Set At Griffith Parksee-through factor showed that AnnaLynne was wearing a little black panty a.k.a. thong.

Yup, give it up to young Hollywood to delight photographers with the simplest of clothing choices. There’s really nothing too back with the photo when one takes into account how many women are photographed in bikinis. However, the fact that McCord’s bottom can be unintentionally seen has a slight taboo factor to it.

Anyhow, enough about her see-through butt shot and more about her as an actress. AnnaLynne McCord, 23, was initially cast as one of 90210’s supporting actresses but her amazing first season performance caused critics to speak about her role as a main role. She began acting in 2002 and has been in a few movies and TV shows since then. 90210 is regarded as the show which will be her breakthrough into A-list territory.


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