Celebrity Deaths March 2012

Celebrity Deaths March 2012, In March we lost many beloved figures, including a veteran-turned-filmmaker and Olivia Newton John's first love. Scroll down to read about those who passed away.
Van Barfoot
Died March 2 (b. 1919)

U.S. Army Col. Van T. Barfoot received the military's highest decoration for his World War II service. His patriotism became national news in 2009.

Circumstances of death Barfoot 92
Read about his brave service. Barfoot moved off alone upon the enemy line, Barfoot medal of honor, barfoot senators white house flag
Steve Bridges
Died March 3 (b. 1963)

Comedian Steve Bridges did uncanny impressions (watch videos) of everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Homer Simpson.

Cause of death Steve Bridges natural causes found unresponsive unknown
Watch video of Bridges humor President George W. Bush. Steve Bridges Bush White House Correspondents' Association
Ron Erhardt
Died March 21 (b. 1931)

Ron Erhardt was on the coaching team of Bill Parcells for the champion New York Giants. Previously, Erhardt was the head coach of the New England Patriots and a winning athletic director.
Circumstances of death Erhardt 80 "home in boca raton"
When was Erhardt Parcells' boss? Erhardt Parcells linebackers coach 1980
Erhardt offensive coordinator super bowl, Erhardt Patriots bullough, erhardt north dakota athletic director championships
Ronnie Montrose
Died March 3 (b. 1947)

Legendary guitarist Ronnie Montrose played with Van Morrison, Sammy Hagar, Herbie Hancock, Boz Scaggs, the Neville Brothers and the Edgar Winter Group.

Cause of death Montrose home Millbrae cancer old age
What band did Montrose lead for 30 years? Montrose band 1973
Sanford McDonnell
Died March 19 (b. 1922)

Engineer Sanford N. McDonnell led the McDonnell Douglas Corp., which his uncle founded, into the future. McDonnell also led a famous youth organization.

Cause of death Sanford Mcdonnell complications pancreatic cancer
What was McDonnell's brush with the atomic bomb? Stanford Mcdonnell technician on the Manhattan project Mcdonnell Sanford modernized management corporate culture increased earnings,
Robert Sherman
Died March 5 (b. 1925)

Robert B. Sherman was half of the great Sherman Brothers songwriting team. "The Jungle Book" and "Mary Poppins" are among the brothers' filmography.

Circumstances of death Sherman London "He went peacefully" "his dear heart"
The Shermans collaborated from far apart. Sherman brothers collaborative process london telephone,
Ralph McQuarrie
Died March 3 (b. 1929)

Illustrator Ralph McQuarrie designed many sci-fi greats, including Darth Vader, Chewbacca and R2-D2 of "Star Wars.” He won an Academy Award for another classic.

Cause of death McQuarrie complications Parkinson’s disease
He survived a critical injury in the Korean War. Mcquarrie head korean war, McQuarrie "E.T." "Battlestar Galactica" "Star Trek IV"
Pierre Schoendoerffer
Died March 14 (b. 1928)

Filmmaker Pierre Schoendoerffer won the Academy Award for Documentary Feature for "The Anderson Platoon," which followed American soldiers in the Vietnam War.

Circumstances of death Schoendoerffer "no cause" hospital paris
He was a renowned veteran of the First Indochina War, about which he made "The 317th Platoon." Schoendoerffer Indochina War veteran prisoner, First Indochina War, 317th platoon,
Margaret Whitlam
Died March 17 (b. 1919)

Margaret Whitlam was the trailblazing wife of former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. She was an outspoken advocate, social worker and champion swimmer.

Cause of death Whitlam fall sydney hospital
She received this coveted honor in 2007. +Margaret Whitlam Australia National Living Treasure, Margaret Whitlam women's rights advocate, +Margaret Whitlam social worker
Mel Parnell
Died March 20 (b. 1922)

Mel Parnell was one of the best ever left-handed pitchers for the Boston Red Sox. He had a long career at Boston, as a player and a voice.
Cause of death Mel Parnell long cancer battle
What was his criticism of Fenway Park? Parnell Fenway foul territory not wall
Mel Parnell club career mark winning, parnell boston 1947 1956, Parnell boston announcing farm clubs
Michael Hossack
Died March 12 (b. 1946)

Michael Hossack played drums for The Doobie Brothers. He rejoined the band for benefit concerts in 1987 to great success.

Cause of death Michael Hossack cancer
He got his start as a Boy Scout. Michael Hossack boy scout drum, Doobie brothers benefit veterans 1987, +hossack doobie brothers veterans success "from capitol", doobie brothers benefit veterans 1987
Lucio Dalla
March 1 (b. 1943)

Lucio Dalla was a popular singer-songwriter and clarinetist who worked with Italian icons. He composed "Caruso," popularized by Luciano Pavarotti.

Cause of death Lucio Dalla heart attack hotel
His 1970s debut was shocking. Dalla considered too experimental, Dalla Andrea Bocelli Gino Paoli Roberto Roversi stadio, +caruso song dalla,
Karl Roy
Died March 13 (b. 1968)

Karl Roy was a progressive rocker from the Philippines. He led several rock bands, including P.O.T. and Kapatid.

Cause of death Karl Roy cardiac arrest pulmonary edema
He was also famous for body art. Karl Roy tattoo piercings
Jean Giraud
Died March 10 (b. 1938)

Jean Giraud was an influential comics artist. He was known beyond genres and beyond his native country, especially for "Blueberry."

Cause of death Giraud long cancer battle
Giraud contributed to key sci-fi films. Giraud Alien Willow Tron "Fifth Element" Giraud artist bandes dessinées,
Ian Turpie
Died March 11 (b. 1943)

Ian Turpie was a familiar face on Australian TV. He hosted many game shows and acted for TV and film.

Cause of death Ian Turpie cancer
He was the first love of another Australian star. Turpie Olivia Newton John, Turpie "New Price Is Right" "Press Your Luck" "Supermarket Sweep"
James Wilson
Died March 2 (b. 1931)

Social scientist James Q. Wilson was the "father of community policing." He co-authored the broken windows theory that revolutionized law enforcement.

Cause of death James Wilson complications leukemia
Which U.S. president gave him the Medal of Freedom? Wilson presidential medal of freedom bush, Wilson father of community policing, broken windows theory, Wilson keepers of public order quality of life
Adrienne Rich
Died March 27 (b. 1929)

Poet Adrienne Rich was among the most acclaimed and influential writers of the feminist movement. She published two dozen volumes of poetry as well as non-fiction.
Cause of death Adrienne Rich died from complications of rheumatoid arthritis
Her refusal to accept the National Medal of Arts in 1997 Adrienne Rich refused national medal of arts + The radical disparities of wealth and power . . .
Adrienne Rich + national book award, MacArthur Foundation" genius grant, American Academy of Poets Fellowship, diving into the wreck + Adrienne Rich
Andrew Breitbart
Died March 1 (b. 1969)

Andrew Breitbart was a conservative activist who ran several influential websites, contributed to The Washington Times and researched for Arianna Huffington .

Cause of death Breitbart unexpectedly natural causes collapsed walking
Breitbart supported a gay Republican group, until there was controversy. Breitbart Goproud, Breitbart Goproud perry
Bugs Henderson
Died March 8 (b. 1943)

Bugs Henderson was an iconic blues guitarist who played with Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Ted Nugent, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Muddy Waters.

Cause of death Bugs Henderson died complications from liver cancer
Henderson founded the Sensores and the Shuffle Kings. Bugs Henderson Sensores, Bugs Henderson shuffle kings

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