MSNBC host home destroyed Isaac

MSNBC host home destroyed Isaac - It was to be a symbol of hope for New Orleans seven years after Hurricane Katrina left the city in shambles.

But hours after Hurricane Isaac ripped through the same city on Tuesday evening, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry's dream house fixer-upper with her husband James was found destroyed.

'Feeling sad. #Isaac took the home @JamesHPerry and I just bought. All safe. House was vacant except for my dreams,' the TV host, political science professor and columnist told her Twitter followers on Wednesday afternoon.

'Thank you to everyone for the kind words and prayers,' she later added.

The news and grim photo of the white house pictured with its roof and upstairs’ wall crumbled at its side and stacked on top of a red packed car, comes three days after Harris-Perry proudly provided fans with a tour of her perceived diamond in the rough.

She had called the house, with peeling paint, graffiti, and then only its entire back wall missing as a 'symbol of hope.'

'...it is the house that in many ways became the sight of crime in the neighbourhood so, to try and adjust that we have purchased the house with the goal to completely renovate it, bringing it back to life and contributing ultimately to the safety and security of this neighbourhood,' she said during the tour's broadcast on MSNBC last Sunday.

The current New Orleans resident of the city's 7th Ward, with her husband and daughter, had called her intended efforts for the self-described 'blighted but beautiful' two storey home her own 'extreme home makeover.'

'If you just glance at it, all you see is the destruction, but if you pause and you look at the bones of it, if you look at what it represents ... you see that there is still life here just like there is still a lot of life left here in the city,' she said.

Posting photos of herself on Twitter after its purchase, smiling with wide, outstretched arms before the house with a wrap-around chain-link fence, Harris Perry seemed elated over her new conquest, adding a hashtag of #bigproject with its announcement.

'See. It's like a Barbie house. No back wall!' she reveals in a second shot.

The photograph shows a dilapidated staircase, making the building appear more like a Gordon Matta-Clark art piece than a place to lay your head.

But the Perrys aren't new to renovation, the duo put the finishing touches to their first fixer-upper in April of this year.

'Thank you beloved @JamesHPerry. We are starting quite a journey with this house,' she said.

The doting husband retweeted each of her sentiments.

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