Jerry Jones Son In Law

Jerry Jones Son In Law - Wednesday was a very good day for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Not only did Forbes report that his franchise is the NFL's most valuable at $2.1 billion, and not only did the Boys beat the New York Giants, 24-17, in the 2012 NFL regular-season opener, but Jones also proved to be the kind of guy who is so rich and influential, he can get someone else to clean his glasses at his command.

After receiver Kevin Ogletree scored his first of two touchdowns of the evening in Wednesday's contest, the camera panned to Jones in his luxury box at MetLife stadium as the Cowboys were preparing to kick off with 1:01 left in the first half. And this is what we saw:

The specs-cleaner has been identified as Shy Anderson, Jones' son-in law. Anderson is married to Jones' daughter, Charlotte. It is unknown whether Anderson had to peel Jones a grape after he was done.

That's Jones' son Stephen to Jerry's left in the box; as a high-ranking member of the team's personnel staff, Stephen has presumably graduated to a level at which such menial tasks are no longer required.


"I have always thought that it was tribute to the Cowboys and our fans and the visibility," Jones said about the team's value after the game. "I know it doesn't make one more first down for you. It is really I think a plus for the franchise to be thought of that highly. We all know that no one ever knows until you see something sold with the market and I'm fortunate to say that won't ever be the case with me or the family, so we'll never know what it's worth."

Hey -- if you can watch football in a luxury box and have your every need attended to, Roman emperor-style, why on earth would you do anything else?


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