Casey Anthony bankruptcy

Casey Anthony bankruptcy, In a new court filing, attorneys for Casey Anthony argue Zenaida Gonzalez's lawyers already had their chance to question Anthony about her finances, and shouldn't be granted a second opportunity.

The filing comes after Gonzalez's legal team asked U.S. Bankruptcy Judge K. Rodney May for an examination of Anthony, similar to a deposition, to find out more about her finances.

At a creditors meeting earlier this month in her recently filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Anthony testified that, through her attorneys, she had received money and gifts from well-wishers.

She didn't identify those people.

She also declined to identify who's been supporting her day-to-day needs. Anthony testified that she pays no rent or utilities, and lives "for free," thanks to the kindness of unnamed "friends."

Gonzalez's legal team's motion argued creditors "have an interest in discovering the full extent of [Anthony's] income and prospects for future income."

But the Anthony team's response, filed Thursday, says they already had that chance at the creditors' meeting: Only Gonzalez was represented, and her attorney was "given ample opportunity and unlimited time to examine" Anthony.

Anthony's response goes on to argue that Gonzalez's defamation claim is a "publicity stunt masquerading as a lawsuit."

Gonzalez is suing because Anthony said in 2008 a similarly named nanny had kidnapped her daughter, Caylee. The girl was later found dead. Authorities said the nanny never existed.

Anthony was acquitted of all major charges in her daughter's death in 2011.

Anthony filed for bankruptcy protection last month, listing more than $792,000 in debt and less than $1,100 in assets. Her largest creditor is her criminal defense attorney Jose Baez, whom she owes $500,000.

She also listed more than $200,000 owed to law-enforcement agencies for the cost of their investigations into Caylee's disappearance.

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