Biggest Loser divorce

What appeared to be a fairytale love story is over as a reality show couple are splitting before the birth of their first child.

Biggest Loser couple Sam Poueu, 28, and Stephanie Anderson, 33, who met during 2010's season, got married in April 2012.

But now, barely a year later, seven-month-pregnant Anderson released a statement announcing their split.

'It is with great sadness that my marriage to Sam Poueu is ending,' Anderson said. 'Thank you in advance for respecting our privacy during this difficult time.'

After collectively losing 241 pounds in body weight on The Biggest Loser, Sam and Stephanie Anderson seemed to be on their way to a long and happy life together.

Sam managed to lose 136 pounds after taking part in the show, and ended weighing 236 pounds, two pounds less than his target.

Meanwhile Stephanie dropped over 100 pounds.

By episode three of the show they were dating and Sam proposed on the show. They married in the same San Francisco Catholic Church where her parents had wed 39 years earlier.

The wedding came 8 months after Sam almost died after falling 54 feet from a fire escape.

However Stephanie helped nurse her man back to health, and after they were married for nine months they announced this past January that they would welcome their first child in July.

Personal trainer Sam told US Weekly: 'Just from the experience of her being my caretaker post-accident, it was a dead giveaway that she'd be a fantastic mother.

'That was an early sign for me that our child is going to have the best mother ever.'

Sam woke up in hospital with a punctured lung, severed kidney, shattered pelvis, fractured tibia, and traumatic brain injury after his accident in September 2011.

But he said their good news has put all of their bad memories in the past.

He said: 'Given everything we both have been through this past year, this [pregnancy] eclipsed everything.

'It put everything back into perspective. I felt like this was one of the many reasons God kept me alive during the five-story fall, so I could be the father of my wife's baby.'

And his wife revealed he is now returning in kinds some of the care he received from her during his recovery.

Stephanie, 33, said: 'Sam has been wonderful. He rubs my feet!

She also said he took great care of her early on in her pregnancy when she was "too exhausted to do anything.'

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